What’s In A (Pen)Name?

If you are reading this, you are visiting my website, DeborahTurnerAuthor.com. (I thank you very much for coming.) The photo included with this post is of my 1969 high school senior picture and the Bible presented to me by the Women’s Society of Christian Services (WSCS) of the Hillsboro United Methodist Church, Hillsboro, Missouri in May 1969.Continue reading “What’s In A (Pen)Name?”

Feminism in the Teacher’s Lounge

Always Forever Us is not my story, it is fiction, except for the Jake character, he is real. My main character, Julia, may be born of my imagination, but we share some experiences and opinions. We both had gender-biased male bosses and we both found our own way to stand up for ourselves. But myContinue reading “Feminism in the Teacher’s Lounge”