Deb’s Debut Novel

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What would you sacrifice for love? An ambitious young woman breaks the glass ceiling…and her heart. A high-flying, hotshot Army pilot finds the sky’s the limit…until it’s not… read more

The Series Continues

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What would you sacrifice for your dream career? Love? A family? The turbulent seventies come to life through compelling characters plucked from the headlines of women’s liberation, racial division, and a citizenry that doesn’t welcome home its Vietnam veterans… read more

The Trilogy Concludes

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They’ve made it to the top of their careers, but will these women sacrifice success for love? Should they have to make the choice?

There Is No Us Without You continues the saga of Julia, Carla and Gail who met at Barnard College in 1966 in the Always Us series… read more

About the Author

Deborah Turner is a former music educator who followed her passion for writing during retirement. Her motto: “It’s never too late to start doing something you love.”

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