Deb’s Work: The Always Us Series

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Always Forever Us

What would you sacrifice for love? An ambitious young woman breaks the glass ceiling…and her heart. A high-flying, hotshot Army pilot finds the sky’s the limit…until it’s not. 

Always Forever Us, the first novel in Deborah Turner’s Always Us series, takes the reader from Manhattan’s high society to Army flight school and pulls back the curtain on a race for the U.S. Senate.

It’s 1971, and while women are burning bras for gender equality, Julia Anderson, newly-hired reporter working for a daily newspaper, struggles with an editor who believes only men can write hard news. She circumvents his provincial, gender-biased beliefs and becomes a man…at least in name. 

Jake McAllistar’s call sign, All Star, fits him to a tee. He’s on his way to Vietnam but has one last thirty-day stop at Fort Sam Houston before being deployed as an Army DUSTOFF pilot picking up wounded soldiers in the midst of battle when he meets and is captivated by Julia.

Will love survive when Julia becomes a trailblazer in a traditionally male career? Will Jake give up the flying he loves for the woman of his dreams? Their stories weave a tapestry of hope, the horrors of war and a love challenged by their choices.

From President Kennedy’s Commission on the Status of Women to student war protesters, Turner’s debut historical romance highlights the cultural influences that followed Baby Boomers into adulthood.

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Us Begins with You

What would you sacrifice for your dream career? Love? A family? The turbulent seventies come to life through compelling characters plucked from the headlines of women’s liberation, racial division, and a citizenry that doesn’t welcome home its Vietnam veterans. 

Us Begins with You, the second novel in Deborah Turner’s Always Us series, takes the reader from the racially-torn South to the women’s movement in the Midwest and lingers in the volatile climate of a presidency on the verge of collapse. 

It’s 1973, and while activists are protesting gender inequality and racism, Carla Valentina is reporting entertainment and society events on a St. Louis television station. When she finds herself in the middle of a racial protest that targets the station’s biggest advertisers, Carla’s instincts are to run with the story.

Phillip Everly, movie-star handsome news anchor, is being plucked from small-city obscurity to the second-largest market in the nation—Los Angeles—only months after meeting Carla, the one woman who challenges his roving eye. He puts a plan in motion to have it all—but at whose expense?

Julia Anderson has landed a book deal while successfully forging a freelance news journalist career but her commitment to Jake McAllistar, an Army pilot who wants marriage and children, is threatened when she investigates the Watergate coverup.

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There is No Us without You

They’ve made it to the top of their careers, but will these women sacrifice success for love? Should they have to make the choice?

It’s 1974 and while Richard Nixon resigns the Presidency, three young women are unwilling to resign themselves and their careers to gender inequality. There Is No Us Without You continues the saga of Julia, Carla and Gail who met at Barnard College in 1966 in the Always Us series. 

Now, Julia Hunter Anderson’s autobiographical book about her coverage of a US Senate campaign writing as The Hunter, whom everyone assumed was a man, has hit the top of the bestseller charts. Her partner, Jake McAllistar left Vietnam behind, but now instructs the next generation of Army pilots. As Jake and Julia form a new kind of family, one of Army pilots and their wives and children, a helicopter crash during a training exercise leads Julia to question her reluctance to marry the handsome pilot. 

Carla Valentina gambles with a Los Angeles television news contract to strike out on her own as a television talk show host. When she puts the spotlight on Phyllis Schlafly’s opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment and interviews Maribel Morgan to discuss her hit book, the Total Woman, she finds her St. Louis audiences are her biggest supporters. When offered the chance to move her TV show to New York, will she leave a new romance as well as the city she loves?

Gail Fitzpatrick, newly hired Assistant DA in San Antonio, has an ulterior motive for becoming a prosecutor—she’s on the hunt for the man who abducted and killed her teenage sister. From courtrooms in San Antonio to the Manhattan DA’s office, she is relentless in her pursuit of the truth and eventually a love of her own. But will this relationship sabotage her plans for her sister’s killer?

Although a stand-alone novel, There Is No Us Without You follows these characters as they navigate love and careers in the third book in Deborah Turner’s Always Us series.    

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